You can put produce, meat and milk on the Nutrismart scale, and it will weigh and recognize the food to give you info about its nutritional value.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Devices that scan bar codes on your food packages were popular at this year's CES in Las Vegas (just take a look at what happens when you scan an empty bottle of syrup on the GeniCan). But all of these products focus on packaged products rather than fresh food. French manufacturer Terraillon has taken a different approach: The company created a kitchen scale that can do a visual scan of your food and tell you its nutritional information.

The Nutrismart isn't available yet, but a Terraillon rep said the company wants to begin selling the product in Europe later this year and in the US in 2018. The price will be about $200 (roughly £160/AU$275).

The Nutrismart will weigh your produce or meat like a normal kitchen scale, and a small, built-in camera will scan the food. It will send that info to an app that will show you the nutritional information such as calories and water content.

The product sounds like it could be useful for folks who have to be very careful about what they eat and want exact calorie counts. But Terraillon will have to prove that a $200 scale is worthwhile when apps like MyFitnessPal will give you that info for free.