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Norton GoBack 4.0 review: Norton GoBack 4.0

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Because GoBack 4.0 works in the background, storing old copies of your files as you go about your work, you might expect it to hurt system performance. In our tests, although we could often hear the hard drive writing data during what ordinarily would be unused processing times, we experienced no discernible system slowdowns. We were able to run multiple Office-type applications and cruise the Internet without hindrance.

Recovering previous versions of individual documents takes but a few seconds. Restoring your entire drive to a point earlier in the day takes a few minutes and requires a reboot--an acceptable amount of time lost compared to the alternative.

Symantec prides itself on providing excellent support for its products, but telephone support is very expensive. The company charges $29.95 per incident (6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday), although the technicians can waive the fee if they determine a flaw in one of its products caused the problem.

We ran Symantec's automatic support assistant, but it was unable to detect the software we had installed.

Before you pick up the phone, however, you should visit the Symantec Web site. The company's knowledge base is more robust than most and lets you search by the specific product you are using. Although GoBack 4.0 was available for only a few weeks at the time of this review, we found several knowledge base entries for the product. The Symantec Web site also offers an automated support assistant that is supposed to check your system for Symantec software and direct you to solutions to common problems. Unfortunately, when we tried the automated assistant, it could not detect that we had GoBack 4.0 installed.

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