Nokia's Sleep sensor wants to tell you all about your ZZZs

The Nokia Sleep pad goes under your mattress and tells you about your slumber.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor

Nokia's $100 sleep sensor wants to analyze your slumber. 

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Nokia's new mattress pad wants to change the way you sleep. 

The Nokia Sleep, available for $100 starting in early 2018, is a Wi-Fi-enabled device that sits under your mattress and is supposed to give all sorts of stats about your sleep (roughly £75/AU$125, converted).

Nokia purchased health and home security accessory company Withings in 2016; it officially rebranded Withings products to Nokia in 2017.

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Nokia says its Sleep sensor will track your sleep, including how long you sleep, how restfully you sleep and even your snoring. Similar to Sleep Number, Nokia is supposed to give you a score with details on last night's snooze, including recommendations on ways to improve. 

It's also supposed to integrate with IFTTT so you can turn lights on and off, adjust the thermostat, etc., when the Nokia Sleep senses that you're getting in (or out) of bed. The Nokia Sleep works with Nokia's Health Mate app, which now works with Amazon Alexa

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