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Nokia Purity HD review: Nokia Purity HD

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The sales kit certainly helps give these headphones a premium feel. Along with the headphones and cables, you get a solid protective case for the unit.


For all of the effort put into making these headphones look and feel amazing, it is a shame that the same attention to detail isn't heard with the music played through these headphones. Nokia's audio collaborator, Monster, gets the basics right. The sound of the Purity HD is loud, but ultimately, it falls short of living up to its name. We associate Purity with clarity, but the sound we heard sounded like we were listening to our neighbour's music through a paper-thin wall.

The audio that we heard during our tests was uniformly muffled. High frequency sounds were least effected and the low end is deep and well represented, but the mids lack the crisp definition we'd expect from headphones at this price. We tested these headphones side-by-side with several other pairs in the CNET Australia labs, including the excellent and similarly priced Audio Technica ANC9s, and the difference is as obvious as it is disappointing. So much of the intricacy that you can hear through the ANC9s, the individual instruments in the mix, is lost when heard through the Nokia headphones.

The headphones does, however, do a good job of isolating ambient sounds to help improve playback. If you're like us and like to sit with headphones on at work to block out the sound of the office, you'll find a friend in these cans.


Despite its excellent and cheeky design, the Purity HD headphones just don't justify its hefty price tag. Without extra features, like wireless connectivity or noise-cancellation, the onus is on the raw sound of the headphones to set them apart, and the sound we heard is too muffled and murky to recommend.

Of course, if you got them for free, we also wouldn't recommend you look this gift horse in the, umm, ear.

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