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Nokia Music Store review: Nokia Music Store

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The Good Great selection of music. Easy, intuitive navigation. Option to stream music instead of buying it.

The Bad Restrictive compatibility. Identical pricing to iTunes. Poorly built-in media management.

The Bottom Line In the face of the iTunes juggernaut, the Nokia Music Store will struggle. Being able to access the store from your handset is handy, and the streaming jukebox option will appeal to some; however, the fact that many people won't be able to access the store is bound to hurt its chances.

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6.5 Overall

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The Web site
With grey and blue fonts sitting on a clean white background, the Nokia Music Store is a sharp looking site, and not just a little reminiscent of Apple's iTunes interface. The launch page of the Nokia Music Store offers a swag of track suggestions and pre-made playlists from top selling singles and albums, to celebrity playlists, to the artist revisited section; showcasing highlights from a particular artist's back catalogue.

Navigation of the site is as easy and intuitive as we'd expect. At the top left of the page we found dialog boxes to search artist and title. Hovering the mouse over any search result activates a floating pop-up box that gives access to all the functions available had the result been selected; a preview of the track, the option to stream the track (after paying the streaming subscription), and the option to buy the track.

The master-stroke for the Nokia Music Store is being able to access the site from your Nokia handset. The mobile version of the site is necessarily pared down to accommodate the smaller sized screens, but most of the sites functionality is still in place. Once you log in on your phone you get full access to browse and download tracks, although you won't be able to stream music or preview tracks from the site.

Aside from basic browsing, previewing and downloading, the Nokia Music Store has a few tricks up its sleeve. The most notable and perhaps attractive feature is the streaming "Jukebox" service, giving subscribing customers the option to stream unlimited music through the Nokia Media Bar Internet Explorer plug-in. As a streaming service none of the tracks that customers listen to are stored on their PC, but for people who spend lots of time previewing the 30-second samples, the Jukebox feature will be welcomed.

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