Nokia E72 review: Nokia E72

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The Good Solid, sturdy feel; excellent keyboard; good connectivity.

The Bad Series 60 operating system looks rather dated; screen could be better.

The Bottom Line Built to last, packing plenty of features, and sporting one of the best physical keyboards you're likely to find on any handset of its type, the E72 will be hard to beat if you're seeking a messaging phone

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8.3 Overall

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Nokia has had mixed results when it comes to business phones, but it got pretty much all the ingredients right with the E71. It's been a long wait for the follow-up, but the E72 has finally arrived, featuring a faster processor, new optical joystick and upgraded camera. But is this new version as impressive as its predecessor?

The E72 can be snapped up for free on a £20-per-month, 24-month contract, or for around £300 SIM-free.

Skinny but tough
At first glance, the E72 doesn't look all that different to the E71. At 128g, it weighs pretty much the same, and it's still impressively slim, measuring a mere 10mm thick. Visually, the main difference is the chrome band that runs around the edge of the handset. It's a classy, business-like design, and the phone feels like it's built to last.

We're starting to see larger, high-resolution displays appearing on this type of messaging device, but the E72 is stuck with a relatively small, 60mm (2.4-inch) display with a pretty low resolution of 320x240 pixels. The screen is bright and colourful, but its small size and low resolution mean the phone isn't ideal for viewing Web pages.

Keys that please
Below the screen, you'll find a dedicated home button, along with handy keys to take you directly to the calendar, contacts book and messaging inbox. The four-way controller now has an optical joystick at its centre. This means you can move through menus by simply running your finger across the top of the sensor. It works reasonably well, but isn't all that much faster than just using the standard clickable controller.

The rear of the E72 sports an upgraded, 5-megapixel camera

The E71's keyboard was exceptionally good, and Nokia has made few changes to it with the E72. The only real difference is that the spacebar has been reduced in length to make way for two extra keys. The overall layout of the keyboard is still top-notch and the keys are very easy to type on, as each one is curved outwards slightly. It's still probably the best keyboard you'll find on any messaging phone.

Sail the Series 60 seas
The E72 runs the Series 60 operating system. While this isn't as modern-looking as the iPhone and Android operating systems, it's still relatively easy to navigate, and we like how you can switch between business and personal modes via simple icons on the home screen. It's very responsive too, helped, no doubt, by the phone's upgraded 600MHz ARM processor.