Nokia E70 review: Nokia E70

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The Good Flip out keyboard. Clear screen. Integrated wireless. Supports VoIP calling.

The Bad Joystick is very fiddly. Shift key hard to use. Battery life average.

The Bottom Line If you're after a business phone that doesn't look entirely like a brick, then the Nokia E70 is an excellent choice.

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8.0 Overall

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At first glance, the E70 looks rather like any other candybar form factor mobile phone, albeit a touch bigger and chunkier at 117 by 53 by 22 millimetres and with a carrying weight of 127 grams. That's hardly surprising for a phone that sells itself on its business savyy, where having a super-slim form factor is less of a concern than whether you'll be able to synchronise to your e-mail client.

The main physical feature of the E70 that separates it from the candybar herd is the flip out thumbpad that rests behind and underneath the main dialling pad; you flip the dialling pad to the "top" of the phone, and it reveals a small split QWERTY keyboard underneath. At the same time you do that, the perspective on the 352 x 416 pixel screen flips from a vertical to horizontal perspective, indicating the correct way to hold the E70 when using the keyboard.

In exactly the same style as the Nokia E61, the E70 features an astonishingly small joystick selector just underneath the screen.

The E70 features a single 2-megapixel camera, and while it's 3G capable, the lack of a second camera means it's only recommended for video calls for the exceptionally shy/ugly/one-sided conversationalists -- delete where applicable.

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