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Nokia BH-902 review: Nokia BH-902

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MSRP: $119.95
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The Good The Nokia BH-902 is a stylish Bluetooth headset with an OLED display that shows helpful information such as caller ID as well as the Recent Calls list. If you have a compatible Nokia phone, the OLED display will show if you have any unread messages. The fit is comfortable, and the sound quality is good.

The Bad The Nokia BH-902 is a tad large as far as Bluetooth headsets go, and the controls can feel a bit stiff when pressed.

The Bottom Line The Nokia BH-902 is a sleek Bluetooth headset with an easy-to-read OLED display, comfortable fit, and decent sound quality.

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8.0 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8

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We'll admit that we're not normally fans of Bluetooth headsets with tiny LED displays. After all, it doesn't seem that convenient to be looking at the display while wearing the headset at the same time. That said, we were very impressed with the Nokia BH-902 Bluetooth headset, which comes with a nice OLED display that shows details like Recent Calls and Caller ID; plus if you have a compatible Nokia handset, it'll even show if you have any unread text messages. It's stylish, comfortable, and has decent sound quality to boot. The BH-902 will cost you, though, as it retails for a rather steep $169.99.

The Nokia BH-902 is a very sleek and modern-looking Bluetooth headset, with a rectangular shape, curved corners, and a piano black flat surface. Measuring 0.98 inch wide by 2.08 inches long by 0.47 inch deep, the BH-902 is a little larger than most Bluetooth headsets. There's a good reason for that, though--right on the front of the headset is a 1-inch diagonal OLED display. The text on the OLED display is a bold white font that's easy to read against the black background. The display can be used for a number of different things like checking out the headset's pairing and connection status, any incoming or missed calls, as well as caller ID. There's also a battery status indicator, plus a whole menu system that lets you view your recent calls list. Of course, there's also a time stamp. If you have a compatible Nokia phone, such as the Nokia N95, the OLED display will also show a small envelope icon to indicate if you have unread messages.

The volume buttons as well as the answer/end button are on the left spine, while the power key is on the right. Though the buttons are a little on the small side, they are raised enough above the surface so they are easy to find. That said, we did find them a bit stiff when pressed. On the back of the headset is a simple in-ear style earbud as well as a thin and flexible ear loop that can be rotated to fit either ear. The earbud cover is made of a soft rubberlike material that felt very comfortable when fitted in our ear. Similarly, we really appreciated the thin ear loop, since that meant we could wear the headset with our eyeglasses without much discomfort. The overall fit was secure as well as comfortable. It was also quite easy and quick to wear.

Aside from the cool OLED display, features on the BH-902 are pretty standard. You get the standard answering, ending, and rejecting calls, as well as call mute, last-number redial, and voice-dial support. Other features include call hold support, the ability to switch connections between different paired devices, and the ability to transfer calls from the headset to the phone and vice versa. The BH-902 comes with a carrying clip, which you can attach to your belt or shirt. This makes it easier to view the OLED display on the BH-902 before you answer it, if you so choose.

We paired the Nokia BH-902 with the RIM BlackBerry Pearl. The process was really easy, thanks to the onscreen instructions on the headset itself. Call quality was surprisingly good. There was a bit of static here and there, but nothing too disruptive. Callers reported a clear natural-sounding voice as well. That said, the headset didn't perform too well in especially noisy environments, like a crowded restaurant.

The Nokia BH-902 has a rated battery life of 8 hours talk time and 4.5 days standby time.

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