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Nokia 6710 Navigator review: Nokia 6710 Navigator

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The Good Sturdy construction; good call quality.

The Bad Small screen and keypad; speaker isn't loud enough.

The Bottom Line The Nokia 6710 Navigator works well as a phone and we love its touch-sensitive zoom slider, but it's less successful when used as a sat-nav, due to its small screen and tinny speaker

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7.5 Overall

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The 6710 is the third phone in Nokia's Navigator series of handsets. It comes with a subscription to the Nokia Maps service, plus the cradle and cables needed to use it in your car. But can the 6710, which is priced at around £270 SIM-free, really be used to replace a dedicated sat-nav?

Bottom meets face
The 6710 is a slider handset with an interesting design. The bottom of the handset curves out slightly, rather like the lip on the bottom of the HTC Hero. Slide it open and you'll find this curve becomes even more pronounced, so, when you hold the handset up to your ear, the bottom of the phone pleasingly curves around to meet your mouth.

We can't fault the phone's build quality. Its strong case gives it a very sturdy feel, and even the smooth slider feels like it's built to last. The keypad is on the small side, though, so those with large fingers will find it tricky to text with.

Plight of the Navigator
As the 6710 is part of Nokia's Navigator range, it comes with everything you need to use it as an in-car sat-nav, including a suction cradle to mount it on your car's windscreen and an in-car charging lead.

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