Nokia 6111

The Nokia 6111 is a compact slider with a megapixel camera, an FM tuner, and triband world phone support.

The Nokia 6111 is a sleek and compact slider phone, released primarily in Europe and Asia. It has a 262,144-color display, video streaming, a megapixel camera with 6X digital zoom, support for MP3 and AAC ring tones, an FM tuner, text and multimedia messaging, a wireless Web browser, e-mail, and about 23MB of available memory. It also has triband support, so it will work in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America. Unfortunately, you can't get the Nokia 6111 with a U.S. carrier, so you'll have to buy it unlocked at a hefty price (pricing is up to about $400 at the time of writing). Please visit our sister site at CNET Asia for the full review.