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Nokia 5730 XpressMusic review: Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

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The Good Good music player; on-board GPS; support for N-Gage gaming platform.

The Bad Bulky and heavy; fiddly buttons.

The Bottom Line You have to admire the sheer range of features that the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic has to offer. But these features come at a cost, as the handset is very bulky and quite fiddly to use. For the price, we think there are much better devices on the market

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6.5 Overall

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The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic aims to be the Andrew Flintoff of mobile phones. This all-rounder packs in music and gaming features, alongside a slide-out Qwerty keyboard and on-board GPS. You can pick it up SIM-free for around £270. It's also available for free on many £30-per-month contracts.

Button overload
The 5730 is quite a large and heavy handset. That's perhaps unsurprising, given that it's got a slide-out Qwerty keyboard hidden within its frame.

The front of the phone is decked out in a glossy black, plastic finish, with a red, blue or pink band running around the edge. Unfortunately, the face of the handset looks too busy, suffering from button overload. Along with the numerical keypad and four-way direction pad, there are six function keys sitting under the screen, three music-playback buttons running down the left-hand side of the display, and two gaming buttons tucked away at the top, just under the ear piece. The function keys are especially annoying, since they're packed too closely together, making some of them difficult to press accurately.

The slide-out Qwerty keyboard isn't easy to type on quickly and adds substantially to the phone's bulk

The phone's slide-out keyboard opens with a satisfying 'clunk'. While the keys are responsive, there's no space between them, so it's easy to accidentally hit a neighbouring key when you're typing at a fast pace. The screen automatically rotates from portrait to landscape view when you open up the keyboard, but there's an annoying one second pause while it does this. Nevertheless, the screen has a decent resolution of 320x240 pixels, and produces rich colours. It does, however, feel slightly cramped when you're using it for browsing the Web over Wi-Fi or HSDPA.

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