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Nokia 5070 review: Nokia 5070

The Good Large buttons; easy to use; good call quality.

The Bad Relatively short battery life; rubbish camera; poor screen.

The Bottom Line The Nokia 5070 is easy to use and has good call quality, but the screen is poor and its battery life is relatively short. It might be a bargain, but we still reckon you'll get more for your money elsewhere

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6.5 Overall

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The 5070 is a no frills handset from Nokia aimed at those looking for a budget phone that's easy to use.

Its candybar design might be fairly traditional, but it's spiced up nicely by a bright and cheerful colour scheme. The phone is available for free on contract or for around £70 SIM-free.

The 5070 isn't exactly a wonder of design, but it's certainly not offensive to the eye. It's available in either red or blue and the bright colours make the slightly boxy design much more appealing. The other advantage of its chunkier size is that it sports quite large buttons that are ideal for texting.

The phone is built around the older Nokia Series 40 operating system, which is quite basic, but very easy to use. It's a cinch to perform normal everyday tasks like adding names and numbers to the contacts book, checking your call log and setting an alarm time on the clock.

There isn't much in the way of frills on the 5070, but you do get infrared support for transferring files to and from a laptop. Nokia also ships the handset with a pair of stereo headphones which you have to attach to the phone when you want to listen to the built in FM tuner. The headphones also have an in-line microphone and call answer button so they double as a hands-free kit.

The phone's call quality was very good, thanks to the clean sound from the speaker and mic and we had no complaints about its reception either. It also has a speakerphone mode that you can switch on for hands-free calling and which is loud enough to use in all but the noisiest of environments.

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