Nokia 3600 Slide review: Nokia 3600 Slide

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The Good Attractive and solid build. Good calling and messaging. Decent battery life. 512MB microSD card.

The Bad 3.2-megapixel camera is a dud. No 3G data services. RRP is a little too expensive.

The Bottom Line The 3600 Slide looks good and makes a great mobile phone, but we think its a tad too expensive considering the camera is a disappointment.

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6.0 Overall

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The physical aspect of the 3600 is probably its most appealing feature. Constructed from a mix of soft-touch rubber, glossy plastic and stainless steel trimmings, the 3600 feels nice to hold and has a pleasing heft that belies its cute, toy-phone-like appearance. The 3600 comes in two colour schemes, a black and a magenta, both with subtle two-tone gradient faceplates.

The handset features a 2-inch colour display that is sharp and clear, though not especially bright and is difficult to see under sunlight. The screen is QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) resolution — good quality for a low-end phone.

The shape and size of the navigation keys is excellent; each key is large and easy to find without looking. The same can't be said for the numeric keypad, however. The keypad is entirely flat, similar to the 6220 Classic, with little to define each key from the key beside it. Using the keypad is easy enough with concentration, but we'd love to see raised keys on future models.

While it may look like a phone in a higher price range, the spec sheet for the 3600 Slide reads as we'd expect it to. No Wi-Fi and only quad-band GSM network support — no 3G data services. Interestingly, though the 3600 doesn't feature a built-in GPS chipset the phone does come with Nokia Maps pre-installed. Unlike Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, people looking to use GPS services after buying a 3600 can purchase a Bluetooth GPS receiver and pair it with this phone.

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