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Nokia 3595 (AT&T) review: Nokia 3595 (AT&T)

From the call log, you can send text messages to numbers maintained in the directory. You get a choice of four preset profiles--Normal, Silent, Meeting, and Outdoor--as well as two customizable profile options. You can set these profiles to expire at a certain time; for example, if you know your meeting will be over within an hour, you don't have to bother with resetting it to your default profile. You also get voice dialing for up to 14 numbers and an alarm clock with snooze. About the only thing missing is a speakerphone function.

On the fun side, the phone comes loaded with four games: Backgammon, Sky Diver, Air Glide, and Bowling. Since the phone is GPRS ready, you can surf the wireless Web using AT&T Wireless's high-speed network. You can also download additional games, polyphonic ring tones, picture messages, screensavers, and Java applications.

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Built to last: Like most Nokia phones, the 3595 has impressive battery life.

We tested the 3595 (GSM 850/1900) in the Chicago area using AT&T Wireless Service. Call quality was excellent; for the most part, callers couldn't tell we were using a cell phone. And even after a couple of hours of continuous use, the handset remained fairly cool to the touch.

As expected from Nokia mobiles, this phone also provided outstanding battery life. We squeezed a little more than 6 hours of talk time, exceeding Nokia's maximum rating of 5.5 hours. We also matched the standby rating of 10 days.

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