Nokia 3310 review: 6 reasons you’ll love the Nokia 3310

2. It's cheap

At only £50 in the UK, the 3310 is vastly cheaper than the fancy phone you probably already have in your pocket. Losing it would be a bummer, but replacing it is a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of replacing a new Galaxy S8 ($349 at Walmart).

3. You won't need a case

With a body made from stiff plastic and no massive glass touchscreen to protect, the Nokia 3310 can take a few knocks without waving the white flag. I repeatedly dropped my review model on grass, wood and concrete from pocket height and despite a few scuffs, it still works absolutely fine.

4. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing

The original 3310 has rightly become a classic icon of mobile phone history, and while this modern iteration is slimmer and more rounded, it's a worthy successor to the 3310 we knew and loved in the early 2000s. I adored my original 3310. Just looking at this new one brings back memories of texting my high school crush and cutting out all the vowels to keep the message under 160 characters so I didn't have to pay for two texts. I was a true romantic.

Twice, during my testing of the 3310, strangers stopped me to ask to see it. That has never happened with my iPhone.

5. It's great for young kids

It's cheap enough to give you a line of contact with your kids without you worrying that they'll lose it. It's strong enough that you won't have to pay to replace a cracked screen. And since there's barely any internet to speak of, the only screen time you'll have to worry about is…

6. Snake

The classic game might come in colour now (it was black and white on the original 3310), but it's still Snake. Snake is great.

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How the 3310 could be better

1. Interchangeable covers

The joy of Nokia's original 3310 -- not to mention the rest of the Nokia handsets from that era -- was the ability to swap in any number of bright fascias, festooned with patterns or, in my case, pictures of animals I liked. When everyone had a 3310, being able to customise them so much made every one of our phones unique.

Instead, you can buy the phone in blue, yellow, red or grey but you can't change it's colour later on. Choose wisely.

2. Lack of apps will become a drag

Yes, it's great having a phone with a battery you don't need to worry about, but its total lack of smart features means it's unlikely ever to become your main handset. While I could live without Twitter on my phone and I don't really need 20 apps to edit one photo, I couldn't manage long term without Gmail or WhatsApp. 

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