Ninety7 Loft review: Loft is a solid add-on that makes your Google Home portable

The Good The Ninety7 Loft easily snaps onto the Google Home and gave it a solid 10 hours of battery life in our tests -- a number that even exceeds the company's claims.

The Bad The battery life indicator isn't accurate.

The Bottom Line The Loft adds a sizable battery to your Google Home without taking away any smarts or sound quality. If you want your smart speaker to be portable, it's a good option.

7.9 Overall
  • Features 7
  • Usability 8
  • Design 8
  • Performance 9

The Ninety7 Loft invites you to take the tether off of your Google Home ($99 at Target). A battery-powered base for your smart speaker, the Loft lets you bring your Google Home with you from room to room without needing to find a new place to plug it in. If you own a Google Home and want it to be portable, the Ninety7 Loft makes for a solid, if pricey, purchase.

You can buy the Ninety7 Loft now on the company's site for $49.95. We tested the carbon-colored variety, but it also comes in copper and snow. It's also available on Amazon and on Best Buy's site in the US, it's available in the UK for £49.95 and the company plans to bring the base to Australia as well. The US price converts to roughly AU$65. Note that this is a third-party add-on for the Google Home. You'll need to buy Google's smart speaker separately for $130/£130/AU$200.

Staying out of the way

The Loft doesn't affect the basic functionality of the Google Home. You primarily control a Google Home with voice commands. You can ask it to set a reminder, search the internet, turn on your smart lights or a number of other functions enabled by Google's digital assistant (just called Google Assistant). The Loft doesn't hinder Google's ability to hear you, so you can issue a voice command from anywhere in the room.

The battery base also doesn't noticeably affect Google's sound quality. The company's previous product -- the Ninety7 Vaux -- gives Amazon's fun-size Echo Dot ($17 at Amazon) a boost in sound quality, but the Loft mostly just stays out of the way. To test the Loft's battery, I played a rock-and-roll playlist at 50 percent volume. The songs sounded good if unspectacular -- just like they would normally on a Google Home.