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Nikon Coolpix S01

Yes, the Coolpix S01 is small, and really, that's about all it has going for it.


The Nikon Coolpix S01 seems to be the opposite of the point-and-shoots that are selling best right now, high-zoom cameras with large displays and fast, high-sensitivity CMOS sensors.

The supersmall S01 camera -- it measures just 3.1 inches wide by 2.1 inches high by 0.7 inch thick and weighs only 3.4 ounces -- has a 3x f3.3-5.9 29-87mm lens, a 2.5-inch 230K-dot touch screen (because there really isn't enough room for buttons on this thing), and a 10-megapixel CCD sensor that's the same tiny size you'd find in a camera phone.

The battery and storage are built in, too, and Nikon says you can expect to capture about 190 shots to its 7.3GB of available memory on a single charge.

Not exactly "Get your credit card out now" specs, but, hey, not everyone has a smartphone yet, right? It also has a simplified interface that sounds the same as the one in Nikon's Coolpix S30 waterproof camera, which is actually a good thing.

I don't think that's enough to make this camera a big seller, though, and frankly, it sounds a whole lot like Kodak's EasyShare Mini with a touch screen (and you know where those kinds of cameras landed Kodak).

To top it off, when the Nikon Coolpix S01 ships in September, it'll be priced at $179.95, which is probably about $80 too much for the current ultracompact market.

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