Nigella's Quick Collection review: Nigella Quick Collection

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The Good Broad range of recipes; shopping list a useful feature; exclusive video content.

The Bad A little pricey.

The Bottom Line This is a neat iPhone app for finding some kitchen inspiration, and the shopping list feature is useful when it comes to buying ingredients. It's a little on the expensive side, but if you're a devout foodie, this is well worth a look.

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8.3 Overall

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Despite the fact that humans require a steady supply of food to keep on living, actually cooking the stuff into something barely edible remains -- for many of us -- a frighteningly challenging task.

Thankfully, modern technology is keeping up with our human need for sustenance, and now we have Nigella Lawson's Quick Collection (iTunes link) for the iPhone. Hot on the heels of Jamie Oliver's 20 minute meals app, it's a way of getting a huge range of recipes jammed on to the one thing guaranteed never to leave your side, even in the kitchen -- your trusty iPhone.

We rang up Nigella for a quick natter. (Yes, we have her phone number. No, she hasn't cooked us dinner.) To hear our interview, in which we talk about the new app, what she thinks about the iPad and where she would go if she could time-travel, just click this play button:

What does it do?

Firing up the app, you'll be treated to a 30-second video with Nigella talking you through the ethos behind the Quick Collection. Skip ahead to the main menu, and you can explore the full range of features at your culinary disposal.

There are 70 recipes on offer, most of which are sourced from Nigella's various cookery books, but you will find ten app-exclusives to play with, and ten of the recipes have a short accompanying video to give you a more visual guide to what exactly you're aiming for.

The recipes themselves are sorted into categories to make it easy to find something suitable to cook. If you're cooking for kids, there's a section for that, but you can also view recipes suited to your 'food mood'. If you're feeling romantic you'll be offered Instant Chocolate Mousse and other lovey-dovey delights, whereas if you're feeling sociable, it's all about the Curry in a Hurry.

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