NetGear WNHDEB111 HD Gaming Wireless N Networking Kit review: NetGear WNHDEB111 HD Gaming Wireless N Networking Kit

In our tests with using one unit as an access point, we were happy to see a big jump in speed compared with that of 2.4GHz wireless routers. Note that other than the devices connected to the bridge unit of the kit, your existing wireless clients must support the 5GHz band to benefit from the newly added 5GHz signal.

In testing the Wireless-N Networking Kit as a bridge, we were again impressed with how convenient such a setup can be especially if you're a fan of HD video streaming. For example, we used our WD TV Live and compared the streaming quality with a standard 2.4GHz Wireless-N connection from our source computer with that of the quality when using the Wireless-N bridge. The difference in picture quality was immediately noticeable. Not only did our streaming begin quicker, but also the feed was much more reliable than with our standard 2.4GHz Wireless-N connection. We should note that all of this was accomplished with a wireless bridge that covered two floors in an apartment complex. When we pushed the device to three floors, there was a significant loss in quality.

It was more of the same when we attached our network storage drive to the wireless bridge--our WD TV Live accessed files quicker and streamed our HD content very well. When we switched over to wireless online gaming (through one floor), we could not detect a difference between our Xbox 360 experience with the bridge and if it was hardwired via Ethernet to a router.

Generally, it's recommended that you keep the bridge within 70 feet from the access point to get the best results.

Overall, we're happy with the performance of the Wireless-N networking devices, though we wish we could have more than just two Ethernet ports in back (you can add a hub if you want more ports). As we mentioned, the kit is not for everyone, but those who'd probably take advantage of such hardware would most likely need the additional ports.

One or two more Ethernet ports here would have really sealed the deal.

If you want to bring a fast wireless signal to your HD media streamer or game consoles, you'll like the Netgear Wireless-N Kit. We enjoyed the performance we got without having to run Ethernet cables to gain it.