This 4G LTE hotspot kicks off the prepaid carrier's $50 hotspot plan. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is wading into new territory, launching its first wireless hotspot plan, with the Netgear Fuse as its first device.

The plan structure itself is straightforward, starting at $25 a month -- for 1.5GB of data -- and ballooning to $50 a month for 10GB, a whole heap of data more. Boost Mobile's pricing structure seems off to me, with the goal clearly to upsell you to the pricier plan.

Quickly glancing around at other carriers, though, 10GB for $50 is a pretty good price. T-Mobile's 11GB hotspot plan costs $70 a month, and Verizon's 10GB hotspot rate comes to $60 a month.

How about that Netgear Fuse...

Now for the hotspot. The Netgear Fuse is black, with a 1.77-inch LCD screen and 4G LTE compatibility. Like many hotspots, it supports up to 10 different devices at a time. Its 2,500mAh battery also promises up to 10 hours of use.

Security measures like password protection and the ability to block unwanted devices also count among its attributes. Keep in mind that although the Fuse rides the parent carrier Sprint's 4G LTE network, Boost Mobile caps video streaming at 3G speeds.

You can buy the puck at BestBuy, or, starting July 17, at Boost Mobile locations, for $50.