Netgear's $450 Arlo Go Mobile HD Security Camera relies on 3G and LTE networks when you're sans Wi-Fi.


If you'd like to monitor a cabin, a campsite -- any remote location -- that doesn't get a reliable Wi-Fi connection, Netgear might have the product for you. The networking company's line of DIY home security devices is expanding today with the launch of the $450 US-only Arlo Go Mobile HD Security Camera.

Arlo Go, which is expected to hit stores in the United States in early 2017, isn't much of a design departure from the original Arlo cams or the next-gen Arlo Pro cams. Coated in the same weatherproofed indoor/outdoor white plastic finish, Arlo Go also has a lot of the same features as its predecessors.

Here's a list of the basics:

  • HD resolution: Arlo Go has 720p 24/7 high-definition live streaming
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  • Alerts -- when Arlo Go detects either motion or sound, you should get an alert or an email
  • Battery-powered: Like Arlo Pro, Arlo Go uses rechargeable batteries
  • Two-way talk: A built-in mic and speaker should let app users intercom with anyone near the camera
  • Cloud storage: Netgear saves 7 days of event-based clips for free (other options are available for a fee)
  • Local storage: An included microSD card slot allows for backup recording
  • Night vision: Even in low-light conditions, you should still be able to monitor clearly

But Arlo Go diverges from Netgear's other offerings via compatibility with AT&T's 3G and LTE wireless networks. In theory, then, you should have mobile access "anywhere in the AT&T nationwide coverage area," or so Netgear's official press release claims. Of course, data plans are available as an add-on feature, so you'll have to pay for a subscription to use this option.

Note: Arlo Go doesn't work over Wi-Fi at all, so you need to be sure you want to go exclusively with a cellular plan before you buy.

I'm intrigued by this product, but Netgear certainly isn't the first company to announce a mobile-enabled product. Startup Canary, makers of the Canary Smart Home Security Device, introduced the Canary Flex back in September. A $199 indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi camera that's also compatible with an optional Verizon cellular LTE mount, Canary Flex seems to offer roughly the same functionality for less money up front.

As with every product we cover, we'll just have to get a couple of review units in to compare Arlo Go and Canary Flex side-by-side and see for ourselves. Loyalty to either AT&T or Verizon might help a lot of customers make this decision easily, though.

In the meantime, have a look at some other outdoor security cameras we've written about.