NetComm NB9W review: Netcomm NB9W ADSL2+ Wireless Broadband Modem router with VoIP Gateway

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The Good Integrated ADSL2 modem, 4 port wireless router and VoIP gateway. Supports 802.11g. Built in security. Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritise network traffic. Easy setup and configuration. Computer does not have to be on to make VoIP calls. Works with any standard telephone handset.

The Bad Configuring VoIP features can be tricky the first time.

The Bottom Line The NB9W is a solid performer, combining a modem, router and VoIP gateway in one, making it an ideal solution for the home or office.

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The NB9W is an all-in-one unit, with four Ethernet ports on the back side in addition to ports for your ADSL connection and two phone lines. On the back there is also an antenna for wireless access and a port to plug in the supplied 15 volt power supply. Like most routers, the front of the unit has a number of LED lights indicating connection status, network traffic, etc.

The unit does not include any brackets in the back for mounting and looks like it was designed to sit flat on a desk or shelf. Of course, the obvious advantage is that the unit is a modem, router and VoIP gateway all in one, so you will actually save space by not having three different boxes sitting around.

To start, the NB9W is an ADSL2+ modem/router that features 4 LAN ports, with an 11g wireless access point built-in. The NB9W features switching between VoIP (Voice over IP) and your normal telephone service, meaning that you can select between either calling over the internet or using your home phone line.

And the best part is that your PC doesn't need to be turned on -- you don't even need to buy a special headset or phone to use for VoIP calls, as it has a port on the back of the unit where you can plug in a normal telephone handset. The unit also supports caller ID, call on-hold, call forwarding, call waiting and transfer as long as they are supported by your VOIP provider.

Setup is provided through a web-based interface, which is pretty standard these days and the initial configuration for the ADSL modem and router only takes a few minutes. The unit features preconfigured port forwarding rules for some of the most popular applications and games and is no slouch when it comes to network support, supporting a variety of configurations including VPN pass-through, making it flexible enough to be used in the home or office.

The VoIP setup can be a bit tricky the first time, but as long as you have your SIP server details handy it should only take you a few minutes to configure before you can start making calls.

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