Netatmo takes a shot at a HomeKit smoke detector

The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm has an app and remote notifications. It also works with Apple's Homekit.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
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Josh Miller/CNET

Can Siri finally find a smoke detector to take on the Nest Protect? The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm hopes to be that detector, has all the features you'd expect: an app with remote notifications, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can silence the alarm over Bluetooth, though not over Wi-Fi as a "safety feature."

I found Siri's voice controls disappointing in the OneLink Wi-Fi Smoke and CO Alarm, and the Netatmo won't add any extra options. You can ask Siri to check on the status of the alarm. I'd hope that if the alarm was sounding, you wouldn't have to ask.

Lackluster voice controls aside, the OneLink alarm was disappointing in more ways than one, so the Netatmo detector could still be worth it for HomeKit fans if its push notifications are snappier. I'd like to be able to silence the alarm from anywhere, but I understand limiting that functionality to Bluetooth's range. The Alarm comes with a battery that's supposed to last 10 years.

Netatmo's newest smart safety product will be available to purchase later this year. It's on display at CES, though Netatmo wasn't yet ready to confirm a price. A rep did say it would be "under $100."


The Siren and the Welcome.

Josh Miller/CNET

Along with the Smart Smoke Alarm, Netatmo also showed off a new Siren that'll work with the company's Netatmo Welcome Cam. The Welcome recognizes faces, and you can set the alarm to start ringing if it sees a stranger. The Siren's also due out later this year with an unspecified price "under $100."