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Neoya Wii2HDMI (converter for Wii console) review: Neoya Wii2HDMI (converter for Wii console)

Neoya Wii2HDMI (converter for Wii console)

Jeff Bakalar Editor at Large
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Jeff Bakalar
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Believe it or not, the Nintendo Wii seems to be one of the only major electronics out there that doesn't offer an HDMI-out port. Sure, the game console is only capable of outputting a 480p resolution, but since the HDMI standard has become so pervasive in the last few years, at the very least we assumed an updated model with such accommodations would have seen the light of day by now.


Neoya Wii2HDMI (converter for Wii console)

The Good

Successfully outputs Wii audio and video over a single HDMI connection; additional 1/8-inch audio-out jack; no extra power required; simple setup.

The Bad

Adds 3 inches to the back of Wii console.

The Bottom Line

Though it won't improve the picture quality had on a current Wii component connection, the Wii2HDMI adapter successfully carries audio and video over a single HDMI signal.

At any rate, E3 2010 came and went, with nothing new in terms of Wii hardware. Those wishing to connect their Wii console to an HDMI AV receiver or HDTV are still left with a maximum quality connection of component wiring.

We've been clamoring for some sort of Wii HDMI adapter for the longest time and just got our hands on the first third-party attempt at doing so. The Neoya Wii2HDMI converts the Nintendo Wii into an HDMI-compatible device, successfully carrying audio and video over a single signal. There isn't much involved in setting up the Wii2HDMI adapter; it simply plugs into the Wii's video-out port.

The adapter adds about 3 inches to the rear of the Wii console, so keep that in mind if space might be an issue. The attachment not only converts video and audio into one signal over HDMI, but it also offers a separate analog audio out via an adjacent 1/8-inch headphone jack. We found this especially useful with receivers that don't necessarily allow for simultaneous audio and video over HDMI.

The Wii2HDMI provides two options for audio-out.

In terms of performance, we couldn't detect any noticeable difference in picture quality using a component connection as a means of comparison. Because the Wii console is only capable of outputting 480p, the adapter is not upscaling the image, but rather converting it to an HDMI signal. That said, if you're currently using the composite cables that come bundled along with the Wii, an upgrade to this adapter or component cables would net you an obvious increase in overall image and video quality.

Overall, this product simply provides a means of convenience. Those wishing for a better picture should not expect the Wii2HDMI to provide one. However, if you're more interested in the luxury and simplicity that having another HDMI device provides, the $40 Wii2HDMI is the way to go.


Neoya Wii2HDMI (converter for Wii console)

Score Breakdown

Design 8Features 8Performance 8