NEC MultiSync FE992 review: NEC MultiSync FE992

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The Good The NEC MultiSync FE992 has a low price; prompt tech-support response.

The Bad Slight geometry and color-intensity flaws are present in the NEC MultiSync FE992.

The Bottom Line Though CRTs are moving toward obsolescence, the NEC MultiSync FE992 offers good performance and a lot of screen real estate for a low price.

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6.0 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 5
  • Performance 6
  • Support 7
  • Setup 7

NEC MultiSync FE992

CRT manufacturers are forever coming up with new and exciting ways to sell what is essentially a 100-year-old technology. With the NEC MultiSync FE992, it's all about the "dynamic cabinet design," which "creates space," and the ClearFlat screen, which is supposed to reduce distortion and glare. Indeed, the $219 FE992 is not the bulkiest 19-inch CRT we've seen, and its screen is pleasantly glare-free. Better yet, it delivers accurate color and grayscales. It's a solid display overall.

Vacuum-tube technology makes CRTs inherently bulky, but NEC seems to have put a lot of thought into streamlining the MultiSync FE992. Though it weighs 40.8 pounds--average for a CRT--and measures 17.6 by 17.9 by 18.5 inches (WHD), its cinched back end takes up slightly less space than that of a typical 19-inch CRT.

All CRTs lack the adjustability of LCDs. The MultiSync FE992's ball-and-socket joint affords it only a few degrees of tilt in all directions, though it moves smoothly for a big CRT.

The monitor's onscreen menu (OSM) is easy to navigate, thanks to the cluster of buttons on the MultiSync FE992's bottom bezel, which includes Menu, Select, and four-way navigation keys. The OSM options are pretty standard for a CRT. In addition to a color-temperature setting (between 5,000 and 10,000 degrees Kelvin), the FE992 has an impressive array of standard controls for adjusting the shape of the picture, including skew, pincushion, and hooking for the bottom and top corners.

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