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Mykie's default screen is a set of moving eyes. Mykie will also project videos on your kitchen wall.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Meet Mykie, the digital robot that wants to be your sous chef. Bosch displayed its concept countertop smart speaker at CES in Las Vegas this week. Mykie, short for "my kitchen elf," is similar to smart speakers like Amazon Echo ($14 at Walmart) or Google Home ($99 at Walmart): You can use voice controls to ask Mykie questions such as, "What's the weather today?" It will also be able to control connected Bosch appliances like dishwashers and ovens. Mykie's main goal is to help you cook. You can search for recipes with voice commands or on Mykie's control screen, and Mykie will project videos of someone preparing the recipe on your kitchen wall.

Mykie is very much in the development stage, and still has some kinks. During a CES demo, we asked Mykie to search for recipes with cumin as an ingredient. Mykie heard, "search for recipes with human." But it's an ambitious attempt by a big appliance manufacturer to try to wedge its way into the smart home market.