Muvee Action Studio lets you edit your GoPro videos from your Android phone or tablet

The new app from video editing company Muvee helps you make your GoPro action videos look great on the go.

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GoPro owners who need to edit their action videos on the fly have a new app at their disposal. Ahead of Mobile World Congress next week, video-editing software company Muvee announced a new app called Muvee Action Studio which can do just that.

After you load your GoPro videos from your camera to your Android phone or tablet, you can fire up Action Studio to make either quick or in-depth edits, and then share the finished video on YouTube, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. The app has three editing modes, fast, automatic, and pro, to help you fine-tune your shots.

Editing modes
Fast mode uses Muvee's "Compress Domain Engine" technology, which lets you edit video without decoding it. That saves time in the editing process and keeps the size of the video file small, so it won't max out the space on your Android device. Muvee claims that with this mode, any phone, despite its processing power, can edit HD and even 4K videos without diminishing the video quality.

As its name implies, Automatic mode makes automatic tweaks to the video to make it look professional without much effort. You can even select an audio track to lay over your video and the app will sync the video to beat of the music.

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Lastly, Pro mode gives you the most control over your video, with a manual editing timeline, transition effects, filters, overlays, and audio editing. There are many tools designed specifically for high-action footage, such as zipping down a mountain on a snowboard, or catching massive waves in Hawaii.

Muvee says that the controls in the app are smooth and easy to use, though that's a challenge for such a complicated app on such a small screen. We haven't had the chance to test the controls yet, but we when do, we'll share our impressions.

Given how portable GoPro cameras are, it makes sense to put editing tools on your equally-portable tablet or smartphone. Muvee's thinking is that if you're out biking, skateboarding, or surfing with your camera, you won't want to lug around a laptop to edit your videos, but you're usually carrying around your phone. The company isn't the first to build a GoPro video editing mobile app, but at first glance, Action Studio seems to be one of the most powerful editing app out there. Even the official GoPro Android app can't actually edit videos, though you can download and share videos from that app.

Action Studio will set you back $20 when it launches on the Play Store in mid-March. That's a steep price for an Android app, but if it can live up to its promises of a robust and convenient editing suite on your mobile device, it'll be worth the cost.