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Muve Music Service (Cricket Wireless) review: Muve Music Service (Cricket Wireless)

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The service itself, however, is immersive enough to push past the usability snags, particularly if you're part of Cricket's music-hungry clientele. The music libraries are well stocked with hits and recommended tracks, and the My DJ portal helps grab tunes by a range of genres. Muve adds all the album art and automatically organizes tracks in your library. You can shuffle songs and view links from the player to some of the other Muve features. Also, you're able to create a ringtone or ringback tone from many songs, and the software lets you set the start point and duration and play back a preview before you create the tone. Since the service is all-inclusive, there's no penalty for experimentation or for aural gluttony.

Although Muve operates separately from the Suede's TouchWiz 2.0 OS, incoming calls will pause the player and give you a chance to pick up where you left off (wait a few seconds for a dialog box to appear.)

Search for a download or browse by popularity, recommendations, or genre.

Cricket plans to add Web tools to its Muve Music Web site, so you can start manually adding tunes and transfer songs you already own from your computer to the Suede. This wasn't available at the time of the review.

Cricket hasn't announced plans to pair Muve with any other phones. While it's understandable for Cricket to gauge Muve Music's popularity before pushing out piles of compatible handsets, at the end of the day we wish Samsung had offered up a better flagship device to match such an interesting new service.

When all is said and done, Muve Music continues to delight us with its smorgasbord of music access, but it doesn't deliver smoothly on all the finer points. The all-you-can-eat music plan is a smart idea, and a useful one. However, with its slow interface and small touch screen, the Samsung Suede isn't the best device for the job. What's more, we hope Cricket's software team will streamline the Muve Music OS to make it easier to use, expand the service to other handsets, and get its house in order so that all its supporting products and services are immediately available to the Suede's customers.

That said, Muve is a compelling service that's priced right and offers a full basket of features for its target audience: young audiophiles who may wind up using the phone as their primary source for tunes. At $55 per month, Muve Music is just $10 per month pricier than a regular unlimited plan. The handset itself costs $199 without a contract, but it's available for a limited time for $99 after in-store and mail-in rebates. The Suede is currently available in 14 of Cricket's markets, with more cities on the horizon.

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