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The Good Surprisingly good performance; gorgeous looks.

The Bad No internal optical drive; screen could be clearer.

The Bottom Line The MSI X600 is satisfyingly slim and sleek. The ultra-low-voltage processor seems misplaced on so large a laptop, but it's a strong performer and has a positive impact on battery life

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8.3 Overall

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Laptops that use Intel's new energy-efficient ultra-low-voltage processors may be thin and light, but that doesn't mean they're small. The £800 X600 is the latest in MSI's X-Slim series of ultraportable laptops but, with a 15.6-inch screen, it's pretty large.

Stealth laptop
If you like ostentatious laptops, the X600 probably isn't for you. The black plastic case on our review sample is about as conspicuous as a stealth bomber. The glossy lid with a painted MSI logo is the only design flourish. The rest of the X600 is matte black -- the perfect colour for its low-key good looks. You can also get the X600 in white.

Since it has a 15.6-inch screen, the X600 doesn't have quite the same slim profile as the X340, or the same MacBook Air pretensions, but 25mm thick is still pretty thin for a laptop of this size. But, at 392mm, its width is almost the same as that of some 17-inch laptops, so the X600 isn't as portable as you might expect.

The X600 is just as good-looking on the inside as on the outside. The enormous wrist rest is slightly sullied by an assortment of multi-coloured stickers that proclaim the laptop's prowess, but, if you peel these off, there's nothing else to detract from the gorgeous expanse of matte black. Not even the multi-touch trackpad stands out -- it's just a shallow rectangle below the spacebar with a single, though dual-action, mouse button below it.

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