MSI Wind Top AE2400 review: MSI Wind Top AE2400

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The Good Great performance; well-implemented touch interface; loads of connectivity options; useful TV tuner.

The Bad A little on the pricey side; casing feels rather cheap.

The Bottom Line The MSI Wind Top AE2400 PC is a little on the pricey side, but it does offer great performance and a huge range of connectivity options for your dosh.

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8.3 Overall

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Blimey. It seems we can't get out of bed in the morning without smacking our heads on a great big touchscreen all-in-one PC. This great big beast is the MSI Wind Top AE2400, and it'll set you back approximately a grand. Does it do enough to compete with the similar, but much cheaper, Advent MT22?

Black Beauty

Stylistically, this machine is pretty basic, without too many flashy bits and bobs. Essentially a huge black box, parts of the AE2400's body have a brushed aluminum effect, while the rest of it is condemned to the world of glossy black plastic. It looks alright, but just a little cheap.

The display, however, is pretty sweet. It's a 23.6-inch 1080p panel that supports multi-touch. We found it to be bright and vibrant enough to eliminate most of the screen reflections, and it's crisp and colourful, too.

The AE2400's multi-touch display panel offers 23.6 inches of high-definition picture.

The touch interface is smooth and accurate -- if you're unfamiliar with Windows 7 Touch (this system ships with Windows 7 Home Premium), it's pretty simple: tap once to click and hold your finger to the screen for a moment to right-click. A quick doodling session in Paint was enough to convince us of the touch panel's sensitivity, and the multi-touch worked well.

It's worth noting that multi-touch on this machine responds to a maximum of two fingers. We can't imagine wanting more -- two is all you need for scrolling up and down on Web pages, after all.

Vital connection

Connectivity is pretty comprehensive -- six USB ports, a multi-format card reader, a DVD drive, Ethernet, eSATA, SPDIF, VGA, HDMI in (so you could watch Blu-rays and play your games consoles through the display), and even a port to plug in an aerial for the built-in TV tuner.

Comprehensive connectivity is a huge selling point for the all-in-one Wind Top PC.

We see this as one of the machine's main selling points. There's an aerial included, although we suspect you'll want to use a more heavy-duty aerial to guarantee clear signal. Once connected, you can watch Freeview TV using the Windows Media Center interface. We're familiar with this interface and generally find it simple and intuitive.

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