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MSI FT200 Bluetooth headset review: MSI FT200 Bluetooth headset

While it's affordable, there are other Bluetooth headsets superior to the MSI FT200.

William O'Neal
2 min read
MSI FT200 Bluetooth headset
MSI is one of those companies that makes so many products in so many different categories that it's bound to strike out every now and then. Unfortunately, that's exactly the case with the MSI FT200 Bluetooth headset. While we appreciate its low price of less than $50, its performance, fit, and feel are subpar. In other words, you just about get what you pay for.

The MSI FT200 sports the traditional over-the-ear fit, with a flexible ear loop that can be switched for either ear. While it was simple enough to put on, the fit was loose, and the boom slipped to and fro when we moved our heads. On the other hand, the FT200 weighs just 0.5 ounce, and its design is sleek and relatively stylish.


MSI FT200 Bluetooth headset

The Good

Affordable; stylish; solid battery life.

The Bad

Uncomfortable fit; difficult to pair; poor audio quality.

The Bottom Line

While we like its low price and stylish design, an uncomfortable fit and patchy performance mar the MSI FT200 overall.

The controls on the MSI FT200 are simple and easy to use. On the top is a volume up/redial button, as well as an unusual power switch that we rarely see on Bluetooth headsets. On the bottom is the volume down/redial button, while on the side is a multifunction button that turns the headset on and off, handles pairing, and controls calls. There's also an LED near the tip of the headset.

We tested the MSI FT200 with the Palm Treo 650. The pairing process took a few frustrating tries, and callers often complained that they had a difficult time hearing us. Additionally, volume on our end was too low. Calling features were basic but respectable, with support for last-number redial and voice dialing. On the plus side, the FT200 exhibited good battery life. MSI promises up to 5.5 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time, which was consistent with our experience. All in all, however, you're better off paying a bit more for a model such as the Tekkeon EzTalker Mini.