Motorola V635 review: Motorola V635

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The Good Captures great videos and photos. Expandable TransFlash memory card slot. Quad-band \"world phone\". MP3 ringtones and player.

The Bad Obtrusive external antenna. Can take accidental photos when in your pocket. Heavy and bulky.

The Bottom Line The Motorola V635 is a user friendly phone with an excellent camera but its bulky shape and weight let it down.

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When you first pick up the Motorola V635, it is rather heavy and bulky compared to many new phones on the market. When compared to Motorola's popular RAZR phone, which has most of the same features, the V635 is a relative brick and includes an obtrusive stub antenna.

However, the phone's stylish black and silver lines combined with a bright screen make it a pleasure to use -- if not carry.

The phone's keypad is easy to navigate and contains two soft keys that can be personalised to launch one of the phone's numerous applications. By default the soft keys launch the text message menu and the video camera, so we didn't feel the need to change them. In addition, it also contains a permanent button that launches the digital camera and another that launches the browser.

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