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Motorola V330 (T-Mobile) review: Motorola V330 (T-Mobile)

The V330 had average photo quality.

Like any consumer-oriented phone, the V330 comes loaded with customization features. You can set your own wallpaper, themes, colors, screensavers, and menu styles. There's also an application called Moto Mixer that lets you mix your own tones. Of course, you can always purchase more tones and paper online. The mobile comes with two Java (J2ME)-enabled games, but more are available for purchase if you want them.

The Motorola V330 also shines when it comes to Internet connectivity. It is one of the first T-Mobile phones to use the high-speed EDGE data network, which lets you send e-mail, download files, and chat online at speeds up to 384Kbps. At press time, EDGE was available only in select markets, but T-Mobile promises a nationwide rollout by the end of September. The phone also supports multimedia messaging (MMS), AOL instant messaging, and WAP 2.0 wireless Web access via T-Mobile's high-speed GPRS network.

The Motorola V330 is a quadband phone working on all four major GSM networks (850/900/1800/1900). That means it truly is a phone that will work all over the world. We tested it in the New York City area and had no trouble finding a signal. Call quality was excellent, with no static or dropouts. The speakerphone also sounded good, and the MP3 and polyphonic tones were clear and rich. Speakerphone sound was muffled at times, but that is to be expected in most cases.

We tested the phone with a Jabra FreeSpeak BT250 Bluetooth headset and had no problems pairing the devices. We would have preferred a simple Bluetooth icon on the top level of the menu rather than one buried under Menu/Settings/Connection folders. Even so, we had our headset paired in less than 5 minutes, and the audio quality was excellent.

Motorola rated the V330's battery at 7 hours of talk time and 9 days of standby time. In our tests, the phone never lasted that long. Talk time was a respectable 5.5 hours, but the standby was less than 6 days. Those aren't bad numbers, but they are well below Motorola's estimates. According to the FCC, the Motorola V330 has a digital SAR rating of 1.4 watts per kilogram.

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