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Motorola T505 Bluetooth Portable In-Car Speakerphone review: Motorola T505 Bluetooth Portable In-Car Speakerphone

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Pairing the T505 with our test phone was painless. When powered on, the device goes into discovery mode, re-pairing with the last connected device when it comes in range.

The Motorokr T505 handles all of the basic speakerphone functions with ease. The built in omnidirectional speaker is loud and clear, and very easy to hear over road noise. The pinhole microphone did a good job of eliminating road noise, but not completely. Voices sounded a bit hollow during our test call, but we could still hear clearly. The metal visor clip has a rubber coating on the interior that holds the device firmly in place during spirited driving.

Like most speakerphones where the microphone is close to the speaker, the Motorokr T505 is not full duplex. This means that there are no noisy audio feedback loops caused by putting the speaker too close to the microphone, but it also means that the microphone doesn't pick up while the speaker is operating and vice versa. At best, this slows down the flow of conversation. At worst it results in awkward pauses in natural conversation while waiting for your turn to talk. Unfortunately, this is par for the course with speakerphones in this price range, though, to the T505's credit, the annoyance is minimal.

Setting up the FM transmitter function is even easier. Simply hold the FM button on the back of the device and the T505 searches for the clearest channel in the area. Once it finds a channel, the device speaks the radio frequency aloud so you can tune your radio to its frequency. All calls or A2DP music streams will now be routed through the car's speakers via the FM radio. Sound quality is reduced because of FM compression and interference, but volume is only limited by your car's capabilities. The device continues to use the internal microphone for calls, so sound quality remains the same in that respect. If a call comes in while you're rocking out, the T505 will pause the music for the duration of the call. Users highly concerned about privacy should know that when in FM mode, their conversations can be picked up by any FM radio in the area, but the transmitter is relatively low power and has a short range.

In sum
By stepping outside of the speakerphone box and adding functions that are both cool and functional, the T505 gets high marks for features. We like how the T505 integrates its features, such as how A2DP Bluetooth works with the FM transmitter, making the device into a liaison between your digital music player and stock car radio. Regardless of how you use the device, it is easy to operate and sounds good, earning the T505 high performance points. We think the design looks great and creates a user experience that's both pleasant and easy to use.

The Motorola Motorokr T505 is more than just a really good speakerphone--it's more than the sum of its parts. The features chosen work so well together that they create a device that can be used in many different configurations.

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