Motorola T305 Bluetooth car kit review: Motorola T305 Bluetooth car kit

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The Good Loud speaker. Simple to use. Stylish look.

The Bad Distorted audio. Average battery life.

The Bottom Line An inexpensive and simple to use portable Bluetooth car kit that acts as a wireless speakerphone for your mobile phone.

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8.2 Overall

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Motorola's stylish T305 portable Bluetooth car kit offer users a simple and inexpensive wireless hands-free solution for using a mobile phone whilst driving. Rather than installing an expensive Bluetooth kit inside your car, the portable T305 offers much of the same functionally, but can be moved from one vehicle to another.

The T305's sleek design features a plain black plastic outer shell, highlighted by a faux carbon-fibre front panel that actually looks quite cool. Located on the sides are separate buttons for adjusting the volume, while a backlit multi-purpose button on the front flashes red when there's an incoming call. Pressing it answers incoming calls with the conversation directed though the powerful 1-watt speakerphone. Otherwise, the button can be used to activate voice dialing.

A small clip that attaches to the back of the device allows you to mount the T305 on your car's sun visor, which allows for easy access. The T305 also has a mini-USB port at the base of the unit for charging in home as well as a vehicle power adaptor that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter for in-car charging. However, the 12 hours of talk time and 200 hours standby should be more than adequate for most trips.

One of the major benefits of the device is that you don't have to wear any annoying headsets for hands-free conservations. Mounting the T305 on the sun-visor is the most practical location, as it's easily in reach for you to answer a call. The device also worked well when placed in the car's coin holder or storage bin.

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