Motorola KRZR K3 review: Motorola KRZR K3

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The Good Larger external screen. Solid construction. Clear, loud audio from speaker.

The Bad No flash on camera. Selection button a little small. Surfaces easily smudged.

The Bottom Line Better than the K1, but held back by a low-spec camera and ageing menu design.

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7.2 Overall

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Toward the business end of last year, we put the KRZR K1 through our usual stringent tests and deemed it rather wanting.

Now the K3 has arrived -- and that's "3" as in "3.5G". In addition to an HSDPA network upgrade, the successor to the K1 offers 50MB of internal memory (up from 18), a curvier keypad and a larger external display.

The K3 follows the K1's narrow form factor -- the measurements for each phone are identical at 42mm by 103mm by 16mm.

On the outside of the clamshell is a 60x120-pixel display that trumps the K1's 96x96-pixel version. It's also located toward the bottom of the phone, whereas the K1's teeny screen was plonked smack-bang in the middle.

Above the display is a 2-megapixel camera designed for daytime -- there's no flash function or glowing light. The whole surface of the outer shell is coated in a glossy finish, which unfortunately tends to act as a smudge showcase.

The K3 can be flipped open with flair using a single thumb. The movement is not as springy as a slider phone, but it's smoother and less awkward than wider clamshell models such as Nokia's N76. The hinge is solid and hardy, but looks oddly utilitarian in light of the RAZR 2's sexy silver version.

Motorola is really digging on the flat, razor-cut keypad look these days, and this model is no exception. There is one subtle change from the K1 though: the number keys have been nudged into a faint, smile-shaped curve instead of the standard blocky grid formation. It does look more modern, but the effect on usability is negligible.

A VGA camera lurks at the bottom-right corner of the display, ready to capture your mug during video calls.

Beyond the flash-free camera, the K3 serves up Bluetooth -- including the A2DP variety -- a speakerphone, and some basic games.

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