Motorola i886 (Sprint) review: Motorola i886 (Sprint)

Slide the phone to the right, and you'll reveal said keyboard. The phone slides open easily, and we like the way it snaps securely into place. The keyboard itself is roomy enough, with plenty of space between each key. On the keyboard are the usual Shift and Alt/Function keys, as well as a Menu key, a Back key, and a directional keypad for navigating the phone in landscape mode. We like that there's a dedicated messaging key as well as the big spacebar key in the middle.

On the left spine are the volume keys and the Direct Connect key, while the Micro-USB connector and camera button are on the right. On top of the phone are a speaker button and a 3.5-millimeter headset jack. The camera lens is on the back of the phone. To open the battery cover, you need to unlock the battery door latch on the back. The microSD card slot is located behind the battery door.

The Motorola i886's phone book allows room for multiple numbers and e-mail addresses for each contact. As it is a push-to-talk phone, you can also associate each entry with a Direct Connect number. Each entry allows for multiple IM usernames, a postal address, an organization name, notes, a nickname, and a Web URL. As a Nextel phone, the i886 offers all of the carrier's Direct Connect PTT services like International Direct Connect, Group Connect, and Direct Talk.

Of course, it has text and multimedia messaging complete with threaded conversations. We're glad to see e-mail support on here as well--simply enter in your log-in information, and the phone will attempt to automatically detect the incoming and outgoing server settings. You can manually set it up as well. The i886 supports Exchange ActiveSync for if you want to sync the phone with your corporate e-mail, contacts, and calendar.

Basic features include a vibrate mode, an alarm clock, a calculator, and a sound recorder. You also get stereo Bluetooth, GPS with TeleNav support, an application manager, and Opera Mini, which is quite a treat compared with the usual basic browser on most messaging phones. It also works better on the slower Nextel network. We're happy to see an app store of sorts with the GetJar store, which lets you shop for Java apps that will work with the phone. As it is a Nextel phone, the i886 comes with Nascar and Sprint Football Live preinstalled.

The i886 also has a pretty decent music player installed. The interface is simple, but it does support album art, and you can select themes and visualizations. There are the usual shuffle and repeat modes, and an equalizer with nine settings. To get music onto the phone, you get upload it via a USB cable or insert a microSD card. The phone has 62MB of memory and can accommodate cards of up to 32GB.

The 2-megapixel camera takes photos in seven resolutions, from 1,200x1,600 pixels down to 160x120 pixels. Settings include two quality modes, exposure control, white balance, a 4x digital zoom, a self-timer, geotagging, a macro mode, an autofocus, four color effects, and a couple of shutter sounds. Photo quality was average--images were clear for the most part, but there was some graininess. Colors also looked dim and washed out. There's a camcorder function that can shoot in three resolutions and offers similar settings to the still camera.

We tested the Motorola i886 in San Francisco using the Sprint Nextel service. Call quality was very good on the whole. Incoming audio was clear and strong, and our callers' voices sounded natural, too. There was a bit of distortion occasionally, but it was almost imperceptible. Reception was reliable as well.

Callers too reported admirable call quality. They said volume was very strong, and our voices sounded so natural, it was as if we were in the same room. Calls from the speakerphone rated highly as well, with almost no difference from non-speakerphone mode.

The i886 has a rated battery life of 4.08 hours of talk time and 5 days of standby time. We found it had a talk time of 4 hours and 39 minutes in our tests. According to the FCC, the Motorola i886 has a digital SAR of 0.87 watt per kilogram.

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