Quick Take: The Nextel i325 is similar to the Nextel 315. From the outset, the two mobiles have a nearly identical design that incorporates a candy bar-style form factor with durable rubber sides and a dark color scheme. But while the i315 has a monochrome display, the screen on the i325 supports 4,096 colors.

On the features side, the i325 offers some improvements over its sibling. Emergency Group Connect, which is available to public-sector employees, overrides civilian Nextel calls to knit together a specific group in case of an emergency. Also, due to the color screen, various Java applications and games are integrated on the phone, with more choices available for download. The new display has a drawback, however. Promised talk time decreases to 4.25 hours (compared with 4.8 hours on the i315), and rated standby time decreases to 4.8 days (compared with 6 days).