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Motorola H17 Bluetooth Headset (Black) review: Motorola H17 Bluetooth Headset (Black)

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The Good The Motorola H17 is a small and compact headset with a flip switch boom mic, a decent fit, and good call quality. It also has multipoint technology and it only needs a 15-minute charge for 2 hours of talk time.

The Bad The Motorola H17 has tiny volume controls.

The Bottom Line The Motorola H17 is a simple headset with good sound quality for most everyday situations.

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7.3 Overall

Motorola continues its trend of making tiny Bluetooth headsets with the Motorola H17. As a successor to the H15 and the H12, Motorola touts the H17 as one if its smallest headsets yet. The reason it can be so small is because it has a flip-switch boom mic that can be folded into a more compact shape when not in use. The H17 boasts Motorola's CrystalTalk noise-canceling technology as well as voice prompts that let you know if the call is muted or if the battery is low. The H17 is overall a decent headset with a number of cool features, and it's available for $79.99.

The Motorola H17 is indeed one of the smallest headsets we've tried. It measures 1.65 inches long by 0.67 inch wide by 0.39 inch thick, and it has an oval shape that is slim, small, and very lightweight. On the front of it is a large oval multifunction call button, which is easy enough to press, even when the headset is worn on the ear. On the right spine is a very skinny volume rocker with an LED indicator in the middle of it. Though it is raised above the surface, we did find the rocker a bit too skinny for our tastes. The charger jack is on top of the headset.

When you turn the headset over, you'll find a slim folded boom mic underneath the earpiece. To turn the headset on, simply flip the boom mic out. This adds about half an inch to the length of the headset. Folding back the boom mic shuts everything off, which is really easy and good when you're in a hurry. Also, the Motorola H17 has a RapidConnect technology that automatically reconnects the headset to the last paired phone the second you flip open the boom mic.

The H17 comes with three different ear hooks with rubber rings that fit around the ear piece. The ear hooks are thin and flexible, and when outfitted with the rubber rings, the ear piece sits comfortably on the ear just outside the canal. There are also two optional in-ear-style cushions with loops that fit in the folds of the ear so you don't need an ear hook to wear them. We thought the ear hook option was more secure and comfortable, but it did take a longer time to put it on.

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