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Motorola H15 Noise Canceling Bluetooth Wireless Headset review: Motorola H15 Noise Canceling Bluetooth Wireless Headset

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Features of the H15 include the typical answering, receiving, and ending calls, last number redial, call mute, and the ability to transfer calls from the headset to the phone and vice versa. Another feature is that the H15 supports multidevice pairing and can be connected to two devices simultaneously. There's also a battery status indicator; just press both the volume buttons and the color of the indicator light will show you how much battery life is left (red is less than 50 percent charge, yellow is more than that, and green is full).

We tested the Motorola Pure H15 Bluetooth headset with the Apple iPhone 3G. As we mentioned, the H15 automatically goes into pairing mode when it's first powered on, so the pairing process went quite smoothly. We were suitably impressed that the Motorola Pure H15 delivered on its promise of canceling out background noise. We heard our callers just fine, and they, too, said they could hardly tell that we were walking along a busy sidewalk. The H15 also promises automatic volume adjustment depending on the environment, which we also found to be quite true. The volume decreased once we entered a quieter office building.

However, that doesn't mean the audio quality was good. Though we heard our callers loud and clear, they had difficulty hearing us. According to them, there was quite a bit of crackling at times, both when we were outside and when we were inside a moving automobile. The crackling seems to come and go, though, and they said our voice sounded machine-like and unnatural. We called ourselves and left a voice mail and we have to agree with their assessment. Call quality did improve when we were making calls inside a quiet environment. Also, even though there were a few auditory problems, callers could still hear what we were saying, so it wasn't too bad. Overall, call quality seemed patchy and dependent on the environment, which we found disappointing.

The Motorola Pure H15 comes with a desktop stand charger as well as a regular AC charger.

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