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Motorola Defy review: Motorola Defy

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We also found the 5-megapixel camera to be better than your average smartphone shooter. It's paired with a dual-LED photolight and features all of the customisable settings users probably expect in a camera of this calibre, but its the pictures that have really won us over. After taking 50 or more photos, we were pleased to see a majority of those were in focus, and the colour of the scenes to be accurately recreated. With the LED photolight doing well not to overpower the photos, the camera does a fine job even in low-light situations.

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The 5-megapixel camera is good enough to capture this sleepy pup's gross, goopy eyes.
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As we noted early, the performance is consistent, but the Defy could use a bump in processing power to run the system MotoBlur infused Android platform without jagged, jerky animation lag. This isn't to say we've struggled to use this phone, in fact we've had a great time using it as our day-to-day handset, but it certainly lacks the polish of this year's best touchscreen smartphones.

Call quality during our review has been exceptionally good. We tested the Defy on Telstra's Next G network and found the people we spoke to sounded as clear and natural as they'd be if they were standing in front of us. Data speeds were also good and the phone was prompt in deferring to WiFi when we can within the range of a known network. For rural readers, Telstra has also informed us that the Defy is the latest addition to its Blue Tick range of phones, indicating superior coverage for customers who might otherwise struggle to make a call.


There's plenty to like about the Moto Defy: it offers a good smartphone experience with Android and protects itself from the bumps, knocks and splashes of everyday life with its rugged casing. What's really won us over is the extra attention paid to the phone's multimedia, both in capturing and in playback. The camera is well-made, the music player is first-class and the DLNA media sharing feature is a welcomed bonus. We wish Motorola had used a more powerful processor and more RAM to iron out some of the issues we've experienced with lag, but if you can look past this these niggling frustrations you'll discover a very capable phone in the Defy.

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