Motorola C168 review: Motorola C168

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The Good Great battery life. Thin profile. Incredibly cheap.

The Bad Network-locked. Major delays in texting.

The Bottom Line The C168 is an attractive phone for the rock-bottom price, but delays and errors in texting will frustrate those wanting more than a low-use phone.

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6.0 Overall

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The C168 is a lightweight (77 grams) and good-looking phone, at least when it is switched off. The thin profile and black-and-silver face provide a sophisticated look, and the numeral buttons are pleasingly tactile. However, although the phone is a mere 14mm in depth, it is relatively wide at 46mm, making it a bit uncomfortable to hold in one hand.

One design downer is the set of FM headphones. The startling silver colour is hard on the eyes, and it's obvious that the headset has been made on the cheap. The large ear buds are also none too comfortable for small-eared users, and the stereo plug juts out from its port at an odd angle, making it likely to be accidentally yanked out when the phone is in a bag or pocket.

Despite having snazzy names, the included wallpaper images are an odd selection. For example, "Fresh" features an upside-down man with his head seemingly embedded in a verdant field. "Lovely" and "Joy" are similarly unsettling. The overall colour scheme, of both the wallpaper and the phone's graphics in general, is a little dated. It's as if this model has received the hand-me-downs of its pricier siblings.

Font size in the menus, text message composition and number entry is quite large. While this may be an advantage for older users, it doesn't make for a slick-looking interface, and the text size cannot be changed. The overall potential for customisation is pretty limited, and expanding the scant image library would require downloading, since there is no way of connecting the phone to a PC.

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