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Moshi Celesta Keyboard (Mac) review: Moshi Celesta Keyboard (Mac)

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The Good Comfortable typing experience; sleek design; fancy packaging.

The Bad Overpriced; lacks illuminated keys; cramped navigation layout; frame attracts dust; loud.

The Bottom Line The Moshi Celesta Keyboard looks good and works well, but a few design missteps and a lofty price tag prevent us from giving it a full recommendation.

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4.3 Overall
  • Design 4
  • Features 5
  • Performance 4

Review Sections

The Moshi Celesta Keyboard is a wired, replacement input device made for your Mac OS computer. Clean lines, red button labels, and a mirrored top edge make the Celesta very easy on the eyes, but using the keyboard yields unsatisfactory results. The layout of the volume, eject, and delete buttons is awkward and counterintuitive, the border surrounding the keys attracts a lot of dust, and the expensive $120 price tag dissuade us from recommending this flashy keyboard.

The Celesta comes with a bag and dust cover.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Moshi Celesta is its packaging. The box separates into two parts and presents the keyboard in a flashy carbon-finished sleeve, most likely to distract you from remembering how much you paid for it. To ease the pain, Moshi also includes a silver microfiber dust cover to protect your investment from harmful dust and other debris. Moshi sent us a black version of the Celesta, but it also comes in "titanium silver" with white keys to match your favorite Apple desktop.

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