Monster Jamz In-Ear Headphones review: Monster Jamz In-Ear Headphones

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The Good Hard-to-break metal housing. Value for money. Detailed mids and sweet treble. Give competitors up to AU$300 a run for their money.

The Bad Short cable. Lean bass. Not suited to noisy environments.

The Bottom Line The Monster Jamz In-Ear Headphones feature bomb-proof build quality and a super-sweet sound that pounds any competitor under AU$200 into the ground.

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8.7 Overall

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Kick out da' Jamz! If you think American hi-fi, you would probably think: "big bass". As an American company, Monster has had a hand in creating this with its "bass wound" this and "time aligned" that. Imagine our surprise when we found that the company’s latest headphones, named the "Jamz", weren’t bass fiends at all.

Each earpiece is a "precision-machined, single-billet metal housing", which is chromed for extra toughness. Indeed, Monster claims they’re nearly indestructible, and the headphone cables are ruggedised for heavy use and tangle resistant. They still get pretty tangled, though. At 114cm the cable is way too short, with its competitors offering 120cm, which are more comfortable to put the player in your pocket.

You would expect that a metal driver would mean extra weight on the ears, but the housings are lightweight and come with a selection of ear tips that you’ll find fit comfortably. They also provide a good degree of sound isolation and help block out co-workers’ overly-loud phone conversations.

The earphones' presentation could be seen as lean, with a forward-though-not-cavernous mid-range, sweet highs and a tight bass. If you’re looking for boomier bass you should keep searching, but you’ll find that transients such as bass drums have plenty of *ahem* kick.