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Monster iSport Victory In-Ear Headphones review: A winning in-ear sports headphone that fits securely and sounds very good

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The iSport Victory comes in lime green and black. Sarah Tew/CNET

As you might expect from a sports model, the Victory is sweat-proof and can literally be rinsed off, which is handy. It's durable and also has a flat cord, which helps keep that cord from tangling up. I also like the carrying pouch that's included. It's simple, but easily springs open and shut and is very compact.

My only design gripe is with the inline remote. The buttons are small and the middle ControlTalk button, which also advances tracks forward and back, is stiff and hard to use.

Android and Windows Phone users should also be warned that some of the remote features won't work with their phones because this is an Apple-friendly remote. You can, however, make calls using the built-in microphone.

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What you get in the box. Sarah Tew/CNET


Aside from a couple small shortcomings, the Victory is a well designed sports headphone with strong sound. As I said, this headphone retails for $150, £130 or AU$229, but what's interesting is that the green version seems to be selling for less than this black version. I've seen it for $120, £120 or AU$195 online (the price fluctuates), which is closer to what this headphone should cost, and at that price it's a decent deal.

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