Monster Cable Quick Lock Speaker Connectors

Monster Cable has launched self-crimping Quick Lock Connectors for easier termination of speaker cables.

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Speaker wire connectors prevent corrosion and so help to maintain the performance of cables and overall systems. Monster's Quick Lock Connectors do not require special tools. Their two piece screw-on design enables crimpless and self crimping termination, so you just need to place the connector base over the bare wire and screw on the appropriate connector tip. Available terminations come in Angled Gold Spades, Monster Tips (banana) and universal Flex Pins.

All three models have wide bases and 24K gold plated contacts for maximum signal transfer and special teeth and ring-locks for a strong grip that stays tight on the cable.

The Quick Lock Connectors are available in two (2) pair packs and are priced at $69.00 RRP per pack.