You thought AirPods were gaudy, take a look at Monster's blingy new AirLinks Elements

Monster's upcoming totally wireless earphones make Apple's AirPods look positively understated.

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The AirLinks Elements are due to arrive in April.


Monster's made some eye-catching headphones over the years, including its once-popular Diamond Tears model, and it's once again stepping up the bling factor with its upcoming AirLinks Elements totally wireless earphones, announced here at CES 2017.

Due out in April for $300 (about £245 or AU$410), Monster says its fashion accessory was "inspired by the natural perfection, clarity and brilliance of diamonds, Earth's most precious gemstone." The new model will be presented in a velveteen display and charging case "designed like a jewelry box."

Watch this: Monster shows its bling with new wireless earphones

The new earphones use Monster's AirLink technology, which features a proprietary, Y-shaped inner antenna that Monster says ensures a rock-solid, reliable signal between the two buds (there are no wires between them).

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Alas, the diamond isn't real.


Needless to say, Monster's touting the earphones' "premium" sound quality. Like other totally wireless earphones, this model's battery life isn't good at 2.5 hours but the charging case is capable of charging the earphones several times before it has to be recharged itself. Monster lists total mobile listening time at 21 hours.

While the AirLinks Elements are Monster's first totally wireless earphones, later this year it plans to release AirLinks iSport earphones that will have a sportier design (sorry, no diamonds).

As soon as I get some hands-on time with the product here at CES, I'll add my impressions on fit and sound quality. But for now here are the AirLinks Elements' key specs:

  • Totally wireless Bluetooth earphones
  • Built-in microphones for making calls
  • Included charging case
  • 2.5 hours battery life (up to 21 hours mobile listening time when using charging case)
  • Price: $300
  • Scheduled to ship in April
  • No word yet on international pricing

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