Moneual seeks to sweep the competition with the multitasking Rydis H67 Robot Vacuum

Does Moneual's new robot mop/vacuum combo sweep the competition?

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Priced at $399, the Moneual Rydis H67 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner sits comfortably at the lower end of the price spectrum in terms of robot vacuums, especially when compared with the $799 LG HOM-BOT Square, $699 iRobot Roomba 790, or $449 Neato XV Signature Pro. What makes the H67’s sticker price feel even more reasonable is the fact that it functions as both a vacuum and dry mop.

The H67 comes with many of the standard robot vacuum features such as a charging dock, remote control, object sensors to prevent collision, and a device that transmits a virtual barrier to pen the robot into an area. Twin rotating brushes on the front sides of the vacuum sweep debris from crevices towards the roller brush and into the bin. I like the look of this roller brush, which features alternating bristle and rubber blades, a combination that could work well, especially with pet hair.

The H67 looks similar to many other robot vacuums on the market. Weighing 5.95 pounds, the H67 is an exceptionally light robot vacuum, lighter than any we’ve tested. I like the rounded edges and the fact that its body is only 3.23 inches tall, which makes it shorter than any robot vac we’ve tested, too, though not by a huge margin. Like most other robot vacs, you can program the H67 to run automatically on a schedule, daily or weekly.


The standard features sound solid, and, if they work well, not to be discounted, but it's the H67’s multitasking capabilities that intrigue me most. Other manufacturers make robot mops, such as iRobot’s Braava, which will dry or wet mop your floors. The Braava and models like it don’t vacuum, however, which means that you would need to buy a separate robot vacuum if you want a truly hands-off approach to floor maintenance. The H67 ups the ante with its ability to vacuum and dry mop, replacing two machines with one. The fact that it can perform these tasks individually or simultaneously serves as an added bonus.

The detachable, washable microfiber mop pad catches and holds fine dust, sticky messes, or anything the vacuum doesn’t pick up. It seems smart, too. Crediting advanced sensors, Moneual claims that the H67 can sense when the mop pad is attached and will automatically avoid carpet or area rugs in the same way that it avoids contact with walls or furniture when in vacuum mode.

Moneual Rydis H67 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner sweeps and vacuums (pictures)

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When in the special mop mode, with the vacuum turned off, Moneual claims that the H67 can run for a constant five hours. This is impressive, especially if the majority of your floors are hard surfaces.

Assuming all works well, the H67 could be an excellent addition to your cleaning lineup. I know that I wouldn’t say no to a more budget-friendly, multitasking robot vacuum. I can picture it being particularly useful for those of us constantly Swiffering pet hair off our hard floors.

I’ll report back when I’ve done a full, hands-on review of the Moneual Rydis H67 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner, but if you’re interested in the meantime, it is available exclusively at Best Buy for $399.

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