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Mohu ReLeaf review: The Prius of indoor antennas

The $35 Mohu ReLeaf offers decent performance and a flexible design, making it one of the best midrange indoor antennas.

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Ty Pendlebury
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Based on the original and ground-breaking Leaf, the Mohu ReLeaf antenna is the company's attempt to create a more ecologically friendly product.


Mohu ReLeaf

The Good

The Mohu ReLeaf is constructed from recycled materials and yet is priced similarly to the nonrecycled original Leaf. The detachable cable offers the user flexibility in placement. The performance is really good...

The Bad

...but the rival Channel Master Flatenna is a third of the price and performs similarly. The gray cardboard construction is a little ugly.

The Bottom Line

The Mohu ReLeaf offers decent performance and a flexible, eco-friendly design making it one of the best midrange indoor antennas.

The plastic connector is made of recycled plastic -- we're dubious of Mohu's claim that it's only made of recycled cable boxes -- and the flexible antenna housing is constructed from recycled cardboard. Despite the use of specialized materials, the product is priced similarly to the original plastic Leaf at $35, and performs very well.

While not as feature-packed, or as pretty, as the Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse, we nonetheless appreciate niceties such as the detachable coaxial cable and the push-pins for attaching the antenna to a wall. If you want to attach the ReLeaf to a window it's best to use poster putty -- using gaffer or any kind of tape is likely to rip the cardboard.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Mohu performed similarly to the ClearStream Eclipse in both of our testing locations, and was among the best we tested. While the Antennas Direct was able to eke out a few more total stations, both models displayed the same number of stations we actually wanted to watch: five each (out of 11).

The Mohu ReLeaf is a good deal at its street price of $35. Its eco-friendly design helps it stand out from the crowd, and it comes with some handy usability features. But if you don't want "features," save yourself 20 bucks or so and get the Channel Master Flatenna.

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Mohu ReLeaf

Score Breakdown

Design 9Features 7Performance 8Value 8