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MobiBlu T10 review: MobiBlu T10

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Packed with a music player, video player, photo viewer, FM radio, voice recorder, text viewer, and games, the MobiBlu T10 looks like a bargain. Unfortunately for MobiBlu, the T10 plays movies out of sync with their soundtracks; radio reception is below average; the voice recorder imbues audio with a piercing squeal; and the included games are unintuitive to control. While the MP3 player, text, and photo viewer are somewhat useful, they're not worth $120.

Despite our general objections to the MobiBlu T10's poor design and challenged features, its audio quality is not too shabby. With support for MP3, WMA (including PlaysForSure DRM), FLAC, and WAV, and a customizable five-band graphic equalizer, you'll have a hard time distinguishing the MobiBlu T10's sound quality from the competition. Poor menu navigation and a lack of ID3 tag sorting, however, make the MobiBlu T10's otherwise decent music player more trouble than it's worth.

Playing videos back on the T10 requires running the content through video-conversion software included by MobiBlu. While the conversion process doesn't take very long, and the resulting 320x240 AVI files play perfectly on our test PC, movie audio is drastically out of sync with video timing when the file is finally viewed on the T10. If MobiBlu resolves the video playback problem with an update to its firmware or conversion software, the lack of conveniences such as file bookmarking and precise fast forward and review controls still make the T10 a tough sell. However, we do enjoy the MobiBlu T10's built-in speaker, and its rated battery life of 19 hours for audio and 9 hours for video.

Final thoughts
Historically, we've had good luck with MobiBlu products such as the Cube2 and B153, but the T10 is just a dud. If you have your heart set on a touch-screen MP3 player, but the iPod Touch is out of reach, then check out the highly rated Cowon D2.

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